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Our Policy

This ammunition should only be used in accordance with all applicable Provincial and Federal laws and regulations. This ammo should only be used in modern guns, originally chambered for these calibrer rounds. Do not use this ammunition in trap door rifles, older vintage pistols or any weapon not meeting modern safety standards. This ammunition should be handled carefully. Exposure to extreme temperatures or pressure might cause accidental discharge. Do not use any weapon unless properly educated and trained by safety professionals.  Buyer agrees to release and hold harmless  Custom Handloader officers and employees from any and all claims associated with the use of this product. Custom Handloader makes no warranties about the performance of this product.
Buyer must hold a valid POL or PAL to order, purchase, receive and possess this type of ammunition.  

Why we think you should do business with us!

We allow trading your old brass to decrease the purchase price of your orders. Our pricing is as low as possible without going out of business. We will give special pricing on various calibres throughout the year.