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Custom Handloader - reloaded ammunition

Quality and Safety

How we achieve both

We guarantee our ammunition. We never make ammunition outside of SAAMI  specs. Hot loads are considered to be at the top end and above SAAMI  specs.
People can request "Hot Loads" up to max. SAAMI specs.
When someone constantly shoot "hot Loads" they are diminishing their firearms integrity.
 I believe the real concern was centred more on the potential double  charge error which could destroy the firearm and injure the shooter and /  or people near the firearm.
This has happened from both factory and hand loaded ammunition.
 We are a fully insured business but that wouldn't make me comfortable  for two reasons...1) A possible injury and 2) A bad reputation for my  business.
We examine all brass and have found about 3 to 10 percent  of brass is rejected. We use quality primers, check projectile seating  is crimped as per factory specs. and use powder charges that, if  accidental double charging occurs, overfills the case making it pretty  obvious there is a problem. We went through 3 different powder delivery  systems and over 10,000 tests until we were satisfied. Some situations  require a powder that doesn't fit that double charge prevention plan and  is typically a low special order number of rounds. In that case visual  inspection of each round is our only recourse.