At Custom Handloader we try very hard to keep costs to our customers as low as possible'
Recently we have found our suppliers have increased the cost of their copper plated and jacketed projectiles by as high as 50%. The only reason we can come up with is supply.
We will be able to maintain our pricing on copper plated / jacketed projectiles until the end of April.
After that time we will have to re-visit our pricing and adjust where necessary.
Please consider our lead projectiles where available.
The projectiles are created at our facility and alloy content is adjusted to meet the velocities for the calibre.
They are very capable of excellent accuracy and great as hunting rounds.


 Get your orders in by April.
We will not be making or selling during the month of May.

This is year 3 of supplying our customers and would like to thank you for your support

For range shooters with semi-automatic weapons we recommend lead projectiles. They are often just as accurate as copper and for shooters that put a lot of rounds through their firearms, there will be no worries about having to replace your barrel. If you haven't tried lead projectiles, give it a try, you will probably be surprised.