Hand Loading basics

The beginning

If you're reading this then your curiosity has you interested. We once made recommendations that we're not for the interested party just at the "Hmmmm" stage. This time we are!


Hand loading can be inexpensive

The equipment for reloading one calibre can be as inexpensive as $60.

One hundred primers run about $7.00

Powder (your choice from reloading package) runs about $50.

Projectiles about $50 - $60 for 100.

You already have the brass.


Is it hard or dangerous?

Smokeless powder is flammable but not explosive. It is considered as progressive burning.

Primers have to be struck hard to ignite.

Don't smoke or have ignition sources around.

Pay attention to what you're doing.

A cartridge outside of a chamber is unlikely to be deadly because the projectile will be the brass while the bullet will move with less force.


Do I need books, special knowledge?

You have everything you need for the time being.

Now, the kit, Find a Lee Precision Dealer like Rusty Wood Trading Company and order the Classic Lee Loader in your calibre.

When it arrives it has all you need in hardware. Read the instructions and the list of powders that the scoop will metre out correctly. Follow the instructions.

Use the internet for lots of good information.

Congratulations:You are now a hand loader

There are 7000 grains in 1 lb of powder.

If you load 4 Grains per handgun it would work out to about  1,750 rounds.

Work out your own savings. An example would be 9mm Luger:

Primer 7 cents

Powder 4 Gr. at .0064 per gr. .0025

Projectile .10 cents

Total cost round it to 18 cents per round.


The down side

You can't be under the influence!

Don't hand load if you're emotionally charged.

It requires "private time (no distractions)"

Starting out your calibre could take 2 -4 minutes per round to complete. That will decrease as you gain experience.

50 - 9 MM  would take approx 100 min.

20 .308 Win. may take 80 min.

It can be a very addictive activity .


More reloading information with videos


We can't beat this site for information on hand loading

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