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Customer sent photo in on 09/29/18

This is the result our customer had using  our Hand Loaded 308 ammunition. Customer was able to obtain these results at 300 yards,

Check out the corners!

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Another photo from 300 Yards!

A customer we'll call "Dave" (because that's his name) sent us this photo with the following comment.

" The ammo is awesome too btw
First 50 rounds are perfect
Bottom right was my friend shooting my gun at 300 yards and the top was me

He was a first time shooter too... It performed flawless"

Customer Testimonials

Paul G.

 I'm ex- military  and theirs one thing i know and that's to have lots of ammo , running  out is not a good thing and to use quality ammo the last thing you want  is ammo that won't fire or won't cycle , I swear by American eagle ammo  always have , however what I got from  CUSTOM HAND LOADER has impressed me so much that I want more and haven't  bought any American eagle ammo for some time and the price is very good  for equal quality ammo to what I normally swear by . 

Dave L.

 It’s all I shoot, and now with the option of so many more calibers I will need to buy some more here 

Ed. M R

 Thank you for your great response on my question.
I've only recently gotten back into the sport of shooting.
And wow have ammunition prices gone UP!
So of course I went looking for cheaper sources.
However.  I ran into many many people reloading and illegally selling those  reloads online. People working out of their basement or garage.
No license, no ins, no quality assurance etc

When I came across Custom Hand loader.
It seemed to be more professional than some guy in his garage.
But the website was a bit lacking on a few things I was wondering about.
(and maybe a few others were wondering too.) 

Custom Handloader comment:

Ed has since given us excellent feedback which will help us improve our site.

Positive and constructive feedback means our customers care.

Garth D.

I  bought some .45 ACP from custom hand loader. Price was great, and  accuracy and shot to shot consistency was fantastic. I have no concerns  about the ammo from him, and when time permits, I will be buying more.