300 Remington Ultra Magnum

Our offering

The 300 RUM standard configuration is the   165 gr,Ssiera GK HPBT or A-MAX 168 Gr. HPBT   

You have the option to change the  projectile weight and style*

* Prices may be affected

How to Save Money

Opting for Lead Alloy is an option and will save you $10 per 100 purchased.

We offer $0.80 per used case as an incentive to recycle. The only caveat to this is we only accept up to 2 X your purchase volume.  For 100 cases you would receive a discount of $ 80.

This discount is only available to hand delivered (not courier) purchases.

We will pick up the brass at the time of delivery.


300 RUM Brass is not available in bulk purchase pricing.

Our cost presently can exceed $5.56 resulting in prices, although marginally less than factory are still very much higher than we want it to be.

If you have the brass eg. 50 cases, we will credit you 80 cents per case and use these cases for your 50 round order after cleaning,resizing and inspection for integrity.

These rounds will cost you $170.

50 rounds from a local ammunition supplier would cost  $267.50 before tax.


50 rounds $ 270 (100 empty cases traded would make this $190)

100 rounds $ 535

 We offer increased savings on orders up to 500 rounds.  

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